Frequently Asked Questions about LASIK Eye Surgery

Whether you are considering choosing LASIK Eye Surgery or not, there may be a million and one questions that come to mind. It is not a thing of shame to have questions. Not answering those questions only encourages fear, anxiety, and worry over the entire process, which is not good. In addition, you are not the only one in the shoes. It is hard for anyone to hear about this procedure on the eyes and not have some level of reservation. 

Generally, the questions that potential patients may have can be grouped into three major parts. First, you may have questions bout what happens before the procedure. In addition, you may have questions about the actual period of the lasik eye surgery. Finally, your questions may be about the period following the successful surgery, perhaps about the recovery process or the care instructions. Below is a list of questions in these three categories.

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Each group of patients, at different times, may also find themselves with several questions. That is one of the crucial reasons you should join the pre-operative consultation, where professional answers can allay your fears. Moreover, you may also meet people who have heard or undertaken the same procedure and have much good news to tell. Meanwhile, unlike other medical systems, LASIK eye surgery has a concise duration.

Frequently Asked Questions about LASIK Eye Surgery

What is the first step in having LASIK Eye Surgery?

The first step when considering LASIK eye surgery is to get a free consultation from your chosen clinic. We offer such an extended time where the potential patients can ask all the questions they may have on their minds. During the consultation, we will be able to assess your present eye condition and decipher your specific needs based on the situation. 

In some cases, we will also prescribe the drugs you can use to get into a better preparation mode. Alternatively, you may also book a virtual consultation session with us from the comfort of your home. We will provide all the answers that you may need. 

What is the cost of LASIK Surgery?

LASIK Eye Surgery costs a minimum of $490 for each eye but may also depend on some peculiar factors. Examples of factors influencing your cost include the corneal thickness, prescription, size of your pupils, and the exact type of procedure you choose to undergo. We will let you know the exact cost of your design during the pre-operative consultation. 

Does insurance cover your LASIK Surgery?

Many people coming in for LASIK eye surgery already have some form of insurance, usually a private insurance plan. We recommend our potential patients come with their insurance provider to determine if the package covers LASIK eye surgery. If it does, no problem, but if it doesn’t, then you may have to take responsibility for the entire cost by yourself.

Can I use my income tax for the cost of the LASIK surgery?

It depends on how you estimate your income and your income tax. The first step to take is to add this cost to the medical expense of your income tax. However, you may not eventually be able to reimburse it.

When can I book my consultation session for?

These days, the best way to book a consultation period is through digital means. That is, go online and check out our consultation calendar to pick the most suitable day and time for yourself. More importantly, we offer physical and virtual consultations equally effective in achieving your goal. 

What is your address?

You can also choose the preferred location for your procedure regarding your address. So, it is crucial to decide how you can reach us physically for your design and how we can also ease your movement. As for the day of your LASIK eye surgery, you may need help from a very close person or family member.

Frequently Asked Questions about LASIK Eye Surgery

When can I resume life activities like working out?

There are many issues surrounding this post-operative period, but we have simplified it. Check out the full breakdown of what you can expect after your surgery. The best approach will know what you can begin to do from the 24 hours going to weeks and months after your surgery until you can do all you plan to do. Starting from a day after your surgery, you can get back to life except for the muscle-straining activities. For example, you cannot begin to work out just yet because you need to allow your muscles, including those of the eyes, to recover fully. 

What types of eye surgeries do you offer?

There are many alternative procedures that we offer apart from LASIK eye surgery. Choosing any of them depends on the different needs that you may have to correct. Common eye defects are astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and presbyopia.

Do you have any discount or promotional offers?

You can also take advantage of any promotional offers or discounts, depending on the time of the year you come. Some promos only occur at certain times of the year and if your schedule falls between this time. Meanwhile, you can visit our website, send us a mail or call us to book an appointment or inquire about any active promotion or special offer.

How long is the pre-operative consultation?

We recommend arriving at the clinic two hours before the free consultation appointment. Meanwhile, there is no obligation for such an appointment. Still, you can check out the measurements that give a more accurate idea for other procedures. Also, you should monitor your work and ask the consultant any question that comes to mind. 

Does LASIK Surgery hurt, and can I go blind from it?

This last set of questions is perhaps the most common ones we get from patients, and we will keep the answers simple. Before we begin the process, we may apply some topical anesthetic in the form of eye drops to numb the eye. When we do, patients may only feel a minor sensation during the full vision correction using laser technology. There has been no record of anyone going blind after undergoing LASIK eye surgery.